A Change in Culture: Why the NRA will fall

If history is any example of how powerful men can still be taken down look no further than Harvey Weinstein. He was the most power man in Hollywood and now he couldn’t get money to do a movie about opening a hot dog stand.

The movement happening in the U.S.A and how the young people are opening their eyes to politicians not understanding them is coming to a head. These are the future voters and workers of that country and it’s almost like they don’t give them any credit at all.

Forced into this situation by the Florida Government and having them vote down the banning of AR-15’s. Not giving them the right to protest in some situations because they don’t want to get mowed down in the next inevitable school shooting. A Texas school distrist (no surprise there) threatened to suspend kids three days if they participate in a walkout or protest.

I don’t think this man has idea what’s going on here. These children are fighting for life and I don’t think they care about three missed daysof school.

The NRA should be shaking in their boots with all that’s happening to their gun culture. They’ve had so good for so many years that they must be blind to see the sucker punch that’s coming.

When these kids do get to vote, the scars of the past will still be present and not easily forgotten. The actions they will seek will shake the foundation and the very core of The United States.

All of this will happen after, unfortunately more innocent children die and become a statistic because this generation was too stupid, scared of losing their political power and never really in the right frame of mind.

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