Air Head Two flys commercial to Games; Air Force One stands-by for Air Head One

Look. It’s me. I worked so hard to get to the Olympics. I can’t believe I was chosen. It’s such an honor. See more pics of me and my foreign-made products on my Ivanka website.” (Image credit: Marianna Massey/Getty)

The final Games event is the propaganda photo op
Ivanka and Kim’s sister will be dueling using Photoshop
Officially, Ms. Complicit is to throw some serious shade
But Rex to Kim Yo Jong: “the real subject’s a parade”
Kim said, “I will help, but sanctions must be lifted”
Ivanka said, “Dad likes an election that’s been gifted.”
The women made their pact, but it couldn’t be announced
Sep’rately called the press, where the other was denounced

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