Forget Trump. Fascism is already here.

People worry that Trump may usher in fascism in the US. Seems like it’s already coming — and Trump has nothing to do with it.

Challenge me to show the links. No, you, if you are still “with her” don’t want to know. The tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists have taken over the DNC and the MSM, cult-like, they pretend Wikileaks is not a thing. It’s all real. It’s all ugly. It’s all true. You know it, even if you don’t want to know it. So you don’t look. Trump! Russia! Sexist!

Are you planning to die in Hillary’s next war? Kill Putin yourself? Then stop the outrage. The test is the mirror: look in the mirror. Do you see someone who accepts the truth, even when it’s hard? Who is rational, even when the conclusions are not what you wish the conclusion were? Shame on a yellow dog democrat.

Trump! Russia! Sexist! Impressive.

Look what they’ve done to the Democratic Party. If the Democratic Party was the party of the working people, then we wouldn’t have a Trump. Look what you Democrats done for the people of the country: nothing. Look at all the wars. Consider democracy.

That is no lesser evil.

Today, October 21, 2016, someone, maybe the government, attacked the internet access of the people to read Wikileaks, Twitter and parts of Reddit. A journalist who is not accused of committing a crime in Sweden that is not a crime in the UK is hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy afraid for his freedom for no apparent reason. The highest levels of the United States government at threatening an entire nation in order to harass a single journalist. While CNN, Donna Brazile’s stomping grounds, is telling people that reading Wikileaks is illegal, an actual journalist operation with 100% accuracy is under attack.

A patriot who exposed the fact that the US government was reading every email in the world is in exile. Another patriot who exposed the illegal manipulation of countries around the world, intervention in the internal affairs of many countries, is in solitary confinement.

The legacy mass media is publishing nonsense about Russian cyberwarfare uncritically even as /pol/ is lamping around on 4chan showing everyone who wants a good time how to break into John Podesta’s iCloud account. Live, in real time, hacking his Twitter account so we can all see it’s true.

The president himself peddles this Russia rubbish and the media dutifully gobbles it up. And yet, Podesta still didn’t change his damn password. Impressive.

Voting machine technology involves shadowy companies hired by counties with little scrutiny by anyone. A single campaign can dictate the order in which the states will vote in a primary and direct the legislature of Illinois to change the date of their primary if they think it will help them.

We are engaged in endless war that is unpopular with no obvious objective. We sell arms to Saudi Arabia, who then gives them to Isis. For some reason, this justifies a war against the force best able to defeat Isis, Assad. The people are in fear of terrorists with which we have a strategic alliance. We are protecting Al Queda in Aleppo. Obama can call in a drone strike anywhere, any time.

High ranking officials can openly sell access to government to enrich themselves with no oversight or punishment. The secretary of state can essentially throw state secrets into the air for anyone to read, then lie to the FBI and not be punished.

A primary has just been rigged and yet the legacy media is shocked that anyone, such as Trump, might dare to suggest US elections can be rigged. Media manipulation counts as rigging. No person who reads Wikileaks can deny massive media manipulation.

Substitute “less than free and fair” for “rigged”and you get the weak version of what people sometimes mean I think. Other people mean “stolen” or “fraudulent.” Those would be the strong versions of “rigged.” Either way, it’s not a democracy.

The essential elements of a fair election: all adult citizens can vote, all votes are counted and weighed roughly the same in the final tally and power is allocated on the basis of the vote, roughly as indicated by the voters. Voters cannot be coerced or intimidated when they vote. Classes of people should not be excluded on the basis of belief, ethnicity, gender, etc. You should not have to pay a fee to vote. Some sort of neutral body or set of bodies should verify results and oversee the process both before and during the actually voting. There must be some mechanism for aggrieved voters and candidate to appeal results.

We have less than the minimum of those conditions to meet the standard of “free and fair.” The Democratic primary doesn’t meet a single internationally accepted condition for a free and fair election.

Simply counting votes is not enough. Before people vote, all candidates have to be able to get their message out through campaigning and media. If one side gets unlimited free media while the other side is not allowed to raise funds or even buy advertisements, it wouldn’t matter that the votes were in fact accurately counted on election day.

None of what need to happen to have a fair election is happening in America in 2016.

Having a democratic election isn’t enough to have a democratic society. Right now, I’m only talking about the election piece of the democratic puzzle.

What we know so far about 2016 in the United States: All of the following statements are clearly true. I can go to DNCleaks on Reddit (if the government hasn’t taken that down) and Wikileaks and prove every statement below.

In the 2016 Democratic primary, the DNC set up the calendar of states to vote to benefit Hillary Clinton. The organization was staffed with her loyalists. DNC staff worked with the media to plant negative and false stories about Bernie Sanders. The debate schedule was set to benefit Hillary Clinton and she was given the questions in advance. Hillary Clinton’s routinely violated election law to coordinate her activities with her super pacs, thus allowing her to use unlimited donations in unrestricted way. In the summer of 2015, Clinton manipulated 33 state parties to fill the state parties with her loyalists and skirt campaign contribution limits and put together a war chest intended to scare off other candidates. The super delegate system was reported by media outlets to suggest inevitability. These same media outlets coordinated their stories with the Clinton campaign. The results of the voting were often wildly higher than Clinton’s own internal polls. Her internal polls were almost exactly the same result as the exit polls. Results dramatically varied by county depending on which kind of voting machine was used. Voters who paid for the primary elections were excluded from “closed primaries” because they did not register for the party six months prior to the election. Voters disappeared from the rolls. The Clinton campaign encouraged violence at Trump rallies and attempted to pin the violence on Bernie Sanders supporters. Wikileaks emails are full of comments that suggest outright fraud.

If the primary schedule had been fair, if the super delegates didn’t exist and weren’t reported in the friendly Clinton media, if there had been many well publicized fair debates, if the laws about coordination between super pacs and the campaign had been enforced, if allegations of fraud had been aggressively investigated and wrong doers prosecuted, if primaries were not closed to those who could not or refused to jump through arbitrary criteria imposed simply to make voting more difficult, if no 55 million dollar head start through money laundering and collaboration with the state parties in 2015 had not occurred, if the FBI had not been corrupted into not pressing charges against the clearly guilty candidate, no one can doubt who the nominee for the Democratic Party would have been.

That is the second thing: to have a fair election, there must be rule of law. You cannot have people who are above the law and can never be prosecuted making laws for other people. That Clinton is guilty of felonies in the email server case and that the fix was in from the beginning is painfully obvious now are growing more so with every Wikileak release.

Despite the evidence that the 2016 primary was in no way free and fair, nothing has been changed to make the next primary free and fair. No investigations of clear lawlessness by the Clinton campaign have occurred.

The New York Times pulled a piece on the Clinton Foundation to make Hillary happy. SNL pulled a skit. Politco routinely checks stories with the campaign to make sure it’s all okay. Washington Post is implicated. CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC: all in the tank.

Citibank picked Obama’s cabinet. Then Citibank was the biggest recipient of TARP bailout money. The head of Univision, CNN, and Clinton collaborate. George Soros owns the company that makes the voting machines in many states. Nevada, Arizona, New York, Louisiana, Illinois: fraud. FBI, FEC, IRS: all in the tank.

That Princeton study showing that the people don’t get what they want but the banks do: Podesta said it’s obviously true. How does that happen, if we call can vote? Well, you have a public and private position, as we say at Goldman Sachs.

No doubt about it. Clinton is the bigger threat to democracy than Trump.

Don’t make me show my fat, gold links and prove it all. You already know everything I say here is true.

Is the election rigged? Damn right.

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