GOP: “It‘s not the time.” Not then, not now — acceptable level of civilian casualties?!


What’s changed since I first published this poem in October 2017 — the Texas church massacre and the Florida high school massacre.

In the press room, opportunistic Dems are chided — 
“This is an unspeakable tragedy,” Sarah said
“It is premature to discuss policy,” she said
“When we don’t know all the facts,” she said

In Trump’s The America We Deserve — 
“I support the ban on assault weapons,” Trump said
“The Republicans walk the NRA line,” he said 
“And refuse even limited restrictions,” he said.

After the massacre at Sandy Hook — 27 killed
“President Obama spoke for me,” he said 
“And every American with his remarks,” he said
And the Republican Senate ducked

Then, the candidate saw an opportunity — 
“They are not going to screw around,” he said
“With the Second Amendment,” he said 
“It is not going to happen.” he said

And the NRA endorsed the candidate — 
“I love the Second Amendment, “ he said
“She wants to take your guns away,” he said
And millions were spent on his election

After Orlando’s Pulse nightclub massacre — 
“I will be meeting with the NRA,” he said 
“About not allowing people …,” he said
And his empty words faded into nothing

After Paris and San Bernadino — 
“If they knew there were guns in the room,” he said
“It might not have happened,” he said
And NRA talking points became his

Unprompted by specific events, he goes further — 
“If you had any idea of the treachery,” he said
“Behind the scenes and what they want to do,” he said
“You’d be stockpiling up.” he said

And the stockpiling admonition was acted upon
More assault rifles with high-capacity magazines
More NRA donations to POTUS and GOP lawmakers 
More parents and children murdered and maimed

Add the Las Vegas strip massacre — 58 killed
“We’ll be talking about gun laws,” he said
“As time goes by,” he said
And he thinks we believe him

Add the Texas church massacre — 26 killed
“This is a mental health problem,” he said
“But this isn’t a guns situation,” he said 
His solution: “shooting in the opposite direction.”

Add the Florida high school massacre — 17 killed
“public policy makers .. don’t just knee-jerk,” said Paul Ryan
“Step back and count our blessings,” he said
Yes, count the loved ones YOU didn’t lose today, Paul

No Paul, we know the facts — 
There was time for rolling-back 
Obama’s gun-related regulations
And there will always be time 
For teleprompted words of sympathy
And photo ops with victims and first responders
And sadly, much more opportunity for both

The plane to Florida is waiting, Mr. President
Wayne LaPierre is in the lobby, Mr. President
He has his checkbook with him, Mr. President
Yes, I told him this is a great time, Mr. President

  • Knee-jerk? The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occured on December 14, 2012 — over 5 years ago.
  • During the 2016 election cycle, Paul Ryan received $171,977 from the NRA and Gun Owners of America — tops among the 223 GOP members of the House of Representatives who shared $5,900,000 in “donations”.
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