Here’s what it was like photographing Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention

It’s my job to follow Hillary Clinton around the country with my camera — capturing moments on her campaign trail. I get to see a lot: speeches, rallies, conversations with incredible people and special behind-the-scenes moments. I’ve been looking forward to photographing the night of Hillary’s nomination for weeks. It was an amazing evening.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite photographs with Hillary from the Democratic National Convention.

I think the crowd was surprised when Hillary walked on stage after President Obama’s speech. It was actually the first time I saw the stage and arena. I quickly looked around and luckily, I was in a good position to capture President Obama and Hillary hug it out!
After that hug, Hillary and President Obama sat down backstage. I’m not sure what they were talking about but after a couple of minutes they both started laughing at a joke one of them made. I was concentrating on getting the best angle, exposure, and focus, I missed the joke.
I took a step back and used a longer lens for this image — framing the presidents on both sides of Hillary. I was waiting for the exact moment that reflected the mood of the evening and snapped the picture of Hillary grinning from ear-to-ear.
Hillary was thrilled when Vice President Biden and Jill walked in. I really love this photograph because it’s filled with families: Bill, Chelsea, Marc, and Dr. Biden.
I knew Hillary was excited to see Chelsea’s introduction. The moment Hillary saw Chelsea, her face lit up with joy. I took a quick shot and left her alone to watch her daughter.
I have been waiting to capture this moment since 1996 when I took a similar photograph of Hillary speaking at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Hillary walking across the stage and taking in the historic moment with the screaming crowd framing her in the background.
In the middle of an historic night this was lovely smaller moment capture: Hillary was walking arm in arm with her niece Fiona. For a moment, we all become kids when surrounded by balloons (Bill felt the same way too!).
After Hillary’s speech, Rev. William Shillady, executive director of the United Methodist City Society in New York gave a closing prayer and asked everyone to hold the hand of the person standing next to them. Bill closed his eyes to pray, while Hillary watched on the monitor.
Tim offered a toast to Hillary after her speech — I even managed to sneak a glass in too!
I walked backwards to capture this photograph of Hillary and Bill holding hands, as they exited the convention hall, surrounded by Secret Service and staff.