It’s Time to Bite the Bullet

Seventeen Florida high school students and teachers killed by a man with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Over 16,000 high school children killed by guns from 2010–2016. And, what have we done about it? We’ve offered our thoughts and prayers. Gun advocates and the National Rifle Association have tried to deflect calls for stronger gun laws by calling this a mental health issue. Yes, of course, it’s a mental health issue (and they haven’t done anything about that either). But it’s also a gun issue. To turn an NRA phrase, guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people. Not only have our legislators refused to intercede, many of them are being bankrolled by the NRA to do so. The victims-turned-anti-gun-crusaders from Stoneman Douglas High School have even been called “crisis actors” and liberal stooges. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but it is.

In an interesting twist, the presidency of Donald Trump has provoked strong resistance to our societal flaws long ignored. We aren’t being led by our leaders. The Senate and House have made no effort to affect needed changes. And, Trump’s dismal performance, fake news, insensitivity, and mounting evidence of his campaign’s collusion with Russia have finally forced many out of our complacency. First, with sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement and now with the undue influence of the NRA, its own efforts at fake news and misreadings of the 2nd Amendment, we citizens are taking action.

Thoughts and prayers, flags at half-staff, and moments of silence have never been enough. The hypocrisy of our leaders has reached the tipping point. Enough is enough!

This poster is part of a series of posters Jeff Gates does under the guise of the Chamomile Tea Party. Often taking World War II-era propaganda posters he remixes them with new text and imagery about the rancor so prevalent in American political discourse. Download a high resolution copy of this poster for free. In fact, all Chamomile Tea Party posters are free to download under a Creative Commons license.

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