Hey Bernie Supporters — Stop Forcing Democrats to Agree to the Lie that the Primary Was Rigged.
Sasha Stone

Okay, here we go again:

Bernie Sanders lost the primary. Fair and square.

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the primary was not fair.

Here’s a pinch of logic to digest. If Hillary had the magical power to manipulate primary outcomes in every state she won, we need to ask ourselves this: why didn’t she unleash her sorcery to rig the battle in 2008 against Barack Obama? Students of history will recall that Barack Obama won that nomination, defeating Hillary. Just barely, but he did win.

It’s very likely the integrity and validity of the 2008 Democratic primary was suspect.

Hillary Clinton was a lifelong Democrat. And she always will be. Bernie Sanders was a lifelong Independent who became a Democrat for 15 months, and then — whad’ya know! — now he’s an Independent again. And he always will be.

I don’t care if someone has a “D” next to their name, and I’m sure most Democratic voters don’t either. I think Democratic voters agree with me that healthcare, immigration, and foreign policy are more important than whether or not someone’s a Democrat.

Bernie’s an Independent “again” because he was elected to the Senate as one. Even then, he’s still cleaning up the establishment Democrats’ mess after the November election.

After more than 30 years in the public spotlight, Hillary Clinton was more well-known and more widely admired, by a long long long long way, than Sanders could ever be.

She’s so greatly admired by all the Democrats that she managed to lose a greater-than-fifty-point lead and much of the Party’s base.

We can agree that Bernie did very well, considering his relatively unexamined and (face it) unremarkable 30-year career on the back bench in Congress.

Bernie Sanders is the “Amendment King” of Congress. He actually is a progressive that likes to get things done. We should not undermine the significance of the Senator’s work.

Bernie Sanders also openly admitted to taking advantage of the Democratic Party for the media coverage and the money. He said so. Here, we’ll let Bernie speak for himself: “In terms of media coverage, you have to run within the Democratic Party,” and “I’m not a billionaire. So… I thought the right ethic was to run within the Democratic Party.” (We won’t dwell on Bernie’s odd definition of “ethic” as “a means to find large sums of money if you’re not a billionaire.”)

All Bernie was saying is that one needs to run within one of two major political parties in America in order to stand a chance of winning an election.

Bernie knew he could never build a movement without the exposure and financial foothold the DNC establishment could provide for him. When his plan collapsed, he showed his gratitude to the DNC by turning around and kicking its leadership square in the balls….When he realized he had failed to sway the vast majority on non-white voters…he began to shout point blank: “the system is rigged!” He kept drilling those words into his saddened followers: “Rigged System! Goldman Sachs! Corrupt Establishment!”

The DNC attempted to limit, not provide, Bernie’s exposure to the Democratic base. They did not give him any financial foothold, either. Secondly, Bernie’s rhetoric about the “Rigged System! Goldman Sachs! Corrupt establishment!” did not just come about after Hillary built up a strong pledged delegate lead over him. It was always there. He ran his entire campaign on it. And he’s right. Goldman Sachs and the rest of the establishment fueled Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

At last, when Sanders saw he had no chance to win, he made gestures to embrace the opponent he had spent weeks and months branding as a corrupt. He had sold those lies “rigged and corrupt” too well. His reversal was too little, too late.

He “embraced” his corrupt opponent to stop the election of a fascist. There wasn’t any reversal and he wasn’t lying about anything.

Supported by legions of Putin operatives, Trump trolls infiltrated online groups to pick up the hammer to do further damage to Hillary Clinton — all the while propping up Bernie Sanders, the weaker candidate. It was classic ratfucking, a reliable scheme employed by the GOP since the Nixon era.

Legions of Putin operatives? This sounds far more ridiculous than Bernie supporters’ concerns about the illegitimacy of American elections. Did Darth Vladimirovich send forth a million bots to plague the Twitterverse?

As for your claim that Bernie Sanders was “the weaker candidate”, it’s just wrong. He was up twelve points on Trump before the election. The Lichtman Keys indicated he would’ve won.

Bernie Sanders lost the South. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had all won the South, and no Democrat in modern times who didn’t has ever won the White House.

While it is true that Bernie only won or tied in a mere three states in the South, it should also be noted that there’s strong evidence of fraud in the region.

Not only did he never invest the time and money to woo non-white southern voters, he shrugged them off as too ill-informed to be worth the effort …

This is false. He never shrugged anyone off as being “too ill-informed” to be worth investing campaign resources in.

…Democrats who have more urgent things to attend to in the real world.

Like writing Medium articles attacking Bernie and his supporters?

Anyone clinging to that delusion is as bad as the poorly educated Trumpsters who can’t distinguish between reality and PrisonPlanet propaganda and Infowars conspiracy theories.

Yes, us Hillary supporters are of a higher breed than the Bernie Bros and Trumpsters! We are far more bright, pragmatic, and attached to reality. Anyone that votes for the opposition is simply poorly-educated and potentially inbred.

Bernie supporters concerned about election fraud and integrity should not be compared to alt-rightists that believe Lady Gaga’s a globalist that performed a Satanic ritual at the Super Bowl.

Did the DNC leadership prefer Hillary Clinton? Of course! Why wouldn’t they? The DNC owed Bernie nothing. Having a preference for a stronger individual isn’t rigging.

I don’t care if a staffer at the DNC secretly wanted Hillary to win. I have a problem with the fact that the DNC actively worked to undermine the Sanders campaign. I have a problem with the DNC even considering the idea of fueling discrimination against atheists to help one candidate over another. That’s not justifiable in any way. If you’re glad the DNC attacked Bernie, you simply don’t believe in democracy.

Hillary’s stature and accomplishments were brutally undermined from all sides — by the left, by manipulators on the left and by the right. Enough is enough.

Let’s talk about Hillary’s accomplishments:

  • As Secretary of State, she allowed aid to flow to South Sudan, despite its military’s usage of child soldiers.
  • With her influence as President Obama’s top diplomat, she convinced him to stage a coup in the country of Libya.
  • She “militarized” U.S. policy in Honduras and supported the overthrow of elected President José Manuel Zelaya.
  • During her tenure as head of the State Department, U.S. diplomats aided businesses in their fight to kill a minimum wage hike in Haiti.
  • She “sold” fracking to the world as Secretary of State.
  • She managed to avoid helping the “ColoradoCare” single-payer ballot measure.
  • The former Secretary managed to keep an “important” email away from the State Department’s “prying eyes”.
  • With her husband, she managed to secure millions of dollars from special interests for themselves, their political campaigns, and their foundations.

I could go on.

Stop making good people like Tom Perez…

Tom Perez refuses to support a ban on corporate donations and lobbyists, walked away from a question on state-sponsored Israeli crimes, and supports the TPP. He’s merely another establishment figure.

In the final tally Obama and Hillary were divided by a mere 45,000 votes. Hillary surely could have cheated in 2008 to win if she had wanted to.

Superdelegates switched from Hillary to Obama by the time of the Democratic National Convention. An attempt to cheat then-Senator Obama would’ve failed because Clinton eventually lost backing from much of the establishment.

Now you’re asking Democrat leaders to spit on the woman who won the popular vote by 3 million citizens? Is this really the price you will try to demand for unity? Wasn’t it enough retribution that Bernie’s disciples hijacked the platform to weaken Hillary on every front as she politely accepted all your hysterical demands?

We’re asking Democratic leaders to move left or leave the political process altogether. We’re tired of the elitists. And Hillary did not accept all of our “hysterical demands”. I must add that it is despicable how you think demanding a federal minimum wage increase and single-payer healthcare is “hysterical”.

It was bad enough that 7 million of you threw away your vote on Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Harrambe, just to “teach us a lesson” by handing the election to Donald Trump.

Why are you accusing Bernie supporters of voting for a dead gorilla? Why do you think we’re so stupid?

Maybe Clinton should’ve done her job as a candidate and won those 7 million votes instead of run to the right and embrace John “Death Squad Ambassador” Negroponte’s endorsement.

How’s that “protest vote” working out for you now, as your healthcare is yanked away, the fragile environment auctioned off, and your immigrant friends denied entry to America and even basic protection of animals stripped?

The Democratic Party has been galvanized and its leaders have already made a turn to the left because of “that protest vote”. We’re ready to fight for our healthcare, environment, immigrant neighbors and relatives, and the protections of our animal friends.

Why are you still kicking your feet and tantrumming like brats and demanding that Democrats “admit” the primary was rigged?

Because we want assurance that the Democrats will no longer wrong the Left.

It’s absurd to think the media favored Hillary Clinton...

They did.

Why did that email story even exist and worm its way into your heads? Here’s why: Because Putin and Assange wanted to piss you off and you fell for it — why else would the drip drip drip of the emails even matter? They were tools to make YOU think the primary was rigged so that just enough of you wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and would instead sit on your thumbs at home murmering, “that’ll teach ‘em.” And you see that as proof the primary was “rigged.”

How does any of this make sense?

Word has it that a lot of Berners want to start their own party. More power to them. We stalwart Democrats will do what we must do to adjust. We will set about trying to find a middle-ground with moderate voters who have nowhere to turn now that Trump has revealed himself to be the most inept and corrupt and dangerous president the United States has ever seen.

Your lack of understanding of political science and history is worrying. The Democratic Party has ran to the right and it failed. First, they managed to get into power and chose to go through with neoliberal policies that exacerbated economic inequality. Then, their subsequent inability to tackle the problem they helped create led to their downfall. Now, Sanders and the Left have to clean up their mess. You’re envisioning a “radical centrist” society that we’re already living in.

It’s too bad that we can’t work together because together we have the numbers and strength to persist and prevail.

We can work together. I marched alongside Hillary Clinton voters at the Women’s March in NYC. The only problem is that certain liberals feel the need to attack the Left and Bernie Sanders when we’re the only ones with any good solutions.

But we can’t get busy fighting back as long as Berners insist the primary was rigged. It simply wasn’t.

You see, that makes you the uncompromising person here. Your inability to work with people concerned about the lack of true democracy in America is deeply disturbing.

Stop accusing the 66 million Democrats who stood up to Trump of causing this mess. The catastrophe was created by a handful of sinister disrupters, a few hundred thousand gullible malcontents, and 6 million otherwise honorable liberals who got sorely misled. Quit calling loyal Democrats corrupt election-rigging thieves.

Nobody’s accusing the average general election Clinton voter of causing Trump. That doesn’t make any sense. We’re accusing neoliberal economics, endless and countless foreign military interventions, and the Establishment’s inability to properly care for the American people.

Open your eyes and see the white nationalists who’ve seized power in D.C who truly deserve your insults and resistance. Please see that there can be no liberating unity on the left until you stop chanting “Crooked Hillary” the way this scum Trump team has taught you to do.

I’m ready to resist Trump and his deplorable Cabinet of billionaires, extremists, and other nefarious swamp-dwellers but I refuse to stop calling out the corruption infecting the Democratic Party.