Reed Cordish’s connection to Strategic Campaign Group

Annapolis, Maryland is a 45 minute drive from Capitol Hill. It is possible to drive from Capitol Hill, Washington DC, arrive in downtown Annapolis 45 minutes later, conduct business in downtown Annapolis, (where the US Naval Academy resides, and where it is possible to take a yacht sailing on picturesque Chesapeake Bay), then drive for another 45 minutes and arrive back at a Congressional Office Building at Capitol Hill, within an 8 hour business day.

On May 11, 2017 the Washington DC office of the FBI set out on a raid of the only political consulting firm in Annapolis, Maryland, the Strategic Campaign Group. The raid occurred almost immediately after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, by the under-investigation Donald Trump Administration. The FBI declined to provide specifics of what the raid was about, or possibly related to.

The most obvious cause of the FBI raid on Strategic Campaign Group is a lawsuit by Virginia AG/Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli alleging that Strategic Campaign Group raised $2.2 million for Cuccinelli’s campaign, then spent only $10,000 on the actual campaign. Apparently, Strategic Campaign Group existed as a fundraising scam, in parallel with a legitimate fundraising operation.

Was the raid on Strategic Operation Group, the result of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump Administration’s possible collusion with the Russian Government, in rigging the 2016 Presidential elections in the USA?

When the raid was occurring, simultaneous analysis of the raid was continuously posted to the social media network, Twitter, in real time. The citizen news analyst of Twitter were able to determine firstly the precise business being raided in Annapolis, then determine a possible connection between this business, and the Trump-Russia scandal.

The most popular connection expoused by the Social Media news analyst of Twitter, was the connection between SCG’s Dennis Whitfield and his former lobbying firm, Black, Kelly, Scruggs & Healey (BKSH), with the Manafort, Stone, Kelly political consultancy of under-investigation Trump Campaign Director Paul Manafort. BKSH later became Prime Policy Group, operated by exiled communist Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.

However, in this blog I will demonstrate an alternative connection between Strategic Campaign Group and the Donald Trump administration. If you notice in this picture of the front door of SCG, you will see that the office suite SCG occupied, Suite 310, was also supposedly occupied by the law firm, Baxter, Baker, Sidle, & Conn.

When researching Baxter, Baker, Sidle, & Conn, it is found that their main office is in Baltimore, Maryland. The Facebook profile of Strategic Campaign Group’s Chip O’Neil specifies that he lives in Baltimore, Maryland, 25 miles from Annapolis, Maryland. Chip O’Neil of SCG is Facebook friends with a member of Baxter, Baker, Sidle, & Conn, attorney Gary R. Jones. Therefore, it is reasonable to presume SCG and Baxter, Baker, Sidle, & Conn were related businesses.

The Panama Papers, a data leak downloaded from the Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider, Mossack Fonseca, demonstrates that there is a connection from Baxter, Baker, Sidle, & Conn to a White House official personally selected by Donald Trump, Reed Cordish.

Reed Cordish, whom before being selected to direct the Office of Intragovernmental and Technology Initiatives, and serve in the “Strategic Initiatives Group” in the White House, was a billionaire Casino Czar in Maryland, and conducted business from Baltimore, Maryland. Reed Cordish is the son of Billionaire Casino Czar David Cordish, the equivalent of New York/New Jersey Casino Czar Donald Trump. Donald Trump made friends with David Cordish as a result of a $100 million lawsuit. That friendship lead to selecting Reed Cordish as a White House official within the possibly infinitely corrupt Donald Trump administration.

The role of a “Casino Czar” is possibly to ensure that gambling remains legal, by bribing state politicians and therefore personally operating the State Government. State politicians that will not accept the bribery money are possibly blackmailed by the Casino Czar, or electorally overthrown to place a substitute cooperative politician in office. Legalized gambling is a Republican Party method of seemingly improving a State economy, and repeal of legalized gambling is usually pursued by Democrat Party politicians in a effort to genuinely improve the State economy, and reduce exploitation, vice, and destructive money hoarding.

The selection of Reed Cordish by the Donald Trump administration was met by accusations of Cordish being non-qualified for a government position because of a history of racism, related to his operations of a nine block conglomerate of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, in Kansas City, the “Power and Light” project, see this article, and this article.

The following comment posted to Twitter emphasizes the irony of Donald Trump selecting fellow Casino/Entertainment mogul Reed Cordish to improve employment rates in the USA:

Is Reed Cordish’s relationship with Baxter, Baker, Sidle and Conn, (and therefore SCG), part of a money laundering operation derived from money laundering via Casinos, to possible steal money from the US Government or to pay for election rigging services throughout the USA, Russia, and several other countries? Strategic Campaign Group is obviously run by cynical organized crime personalities, that are confident their lying will persevere, aided by millions of dollars in stolen funds.

The FBI-raided businesses Strategic Campaign Group/Baxter, Baker, Sidle and Conn appear to be at the center of a group of related businesses, that are uniquely qualified to facilitate the disguising of transfers of large sums of money, or “Money Laundering”. These businesses, “Fundraising Town Hall”, and “Text and Give”, have websites that are hosted on the same web server as Strategic Campaign Group, and seem to have been authored identical to the Strategic Campaign Group’s website.

Fundraising Town Hall — Landing Page, top

Fundraising Town Hall — Landing Page, bottom

Text and Give — Landing Page, top

Text and Give — Landing Page, bottom

The PC’s apprehended in the search warrant raid of SCG might contain the server software of the above websites:

To prove there is a gambling and money laundering connection between Strategic Campaign Group, White House official Reed Cordish, and President Donald Trump;

Kelley Rogers, President of SCG, has served as a lobbist for Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Gaming, Lottery, Casino and Racing industry. The Racing division is the same entity as Penn National Gaming, whose owner James Perry went on to operate Trump Entertainment Resorts/ Trump Taj Mahal.

Strategic Campaign Group introduced “Text & Give” in 2014. A service like “Text & Give” can facilitate money laundering via disguising the path a large sum of money takes from its origin to its destination.

Finally, I discovered a tweet linking Strategic Campaign Group to a voter fraud organization from the Mitt Romney campaign of 2012, Strategic Allied Consulting:

“Strategic Allied Consulting” was operated by unethical Republican political consultant, Nathan Sproul, in Virginia near Washington DC. After discovery of Strategic Allied Consulting committing Election Fraud, Sproul moved his operation to Arizona, and was hired once again by the Republican Party, this time to benefit the Donald Trump campaign. See this article: The below meme explains Sproul’s standard of ethical conduct:

Considering the above factors, it is almost undeniable that the raid on Strategic Campaign Group in Annapolis, Maryland had implications of money laundering by Paul Manafort, or casino/entertainment industry corruption, or election fraud, or suspicious activity that is possibly a combination of all the above, by White House official Reed Cordish. The exact reason for the search warrant, and raid, has yet to be revealed by the FBI.

Here is my diagram of all the Strategic Campaign Group connections explained in this blog. Simply click on the diagram to expand the view:

Thank for reading this analysis. Hopefully, I was able to transmit information that after the flurry of analysis by Twitter commentators, contains insights into possibly extremely corrupt practices in the Trump White House. If you appreciate this analysis, please consider donating any amount of funds possible to my research organization, The Institute of Societal Conditions,

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