The End Of Rachel Maddow’s Credibility

This is quite a new low for journalism. (Seriously).

After tweeting this, many were exited, and anxious to see Trump’s business ties with other countries, or how he payed close to nothing in taxes. We were expecting a bombshell, something huge, which is what the story was portrayed to be by all of this hype.


But then, for the next twenty minutes of her show, she stalled, and stalled, until finally she had the papers in her hand, at and 18:43 in the video below, she says: “And I am sure it is only the start, but it’s a start, and our little piece of it. We just got it; we’ll go through it, next.” Cut to commercial break.

And then, after all of this build-up, after the first twenty minutes plus a commercial break, we only get the first two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax returns. (Seriously).

These twelve year old tax returns show absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada. No business ties, no 10% tax rate for example, no nothing. But then, what was all of that for? Why would she over-hype it so much? Why would she make such a big deal out of this?

Rachel got her biggest ratings yet, with a record-breaking 4.13 million viewers for her show, and MSNBC’s second biggest audience for a regularly scheduled program (

And it’s very likely, that because of this, she’ll receive a generous check from MSNBC, and that MSNBC will encourage their other hosts to do the same. Not only does it reveal Maddow’s lack of credibility, but it could also eventually reveal the lack of credibility the entire corporate media machine has, which could actually be a good thing in the long run.

But the most depressing aspect of this, is the possibility that Trump and/or his team leaked these tax returns to make him look good, since they have nothing substantial to them. By hyping it up, and attracting all of this attention, Rachel Maddow could’ve been helping Trump, instead of harming him. Ouch. And all for a nice paycheck.

I’ll leave you with Stephen Colbert’s hilarious video on the topic.