Tim Allen says being conservative in Hollywood is like 1930’s Germany, 60 % of America replies BEING ANYTHING in America is like 1930’s Germany now!!

By Steven W. Rouach

From that time Tim Allen invented the “70’s porn mustache”, followed by a stint in prison for drug trafficking.

Professional coke dealer and amateur actor Tim Allen, who ironically once played Santa Clause, the rich old man who’s accused of funding all anti-Trump & anti-GOP protests, has spoken out about his plight that being a Trump supporter is, for him,… “like 1930’s Germany”.

He said this. With his mouth. He opened his mouth and some disembodied ghouls flew out along with this message. If you close your eyes, you can almost see executives of Disney & Pixar mutely watching Allen’s interview on Jimmy Kimmell, and idly wondering who they’ll now get to play Buzz Lightyear in the next Toy Story sequel.

A personal message to Tim Allen from me. - Hi Tim, thanks for ruining Toy Story by showing all of us that you’re not only a total dick but also a complete idiot, who likes to say completetly idiotic things. Here’s why: while I appreciate the fact that you were most likely at Trump’s inauguration to sell cocaine to him and the GOP (in massive amounts to make up for the fact that you probably snorted all your Toy Story residuals like a hoover vacuum powered by the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” and needed the money)… GUESS WHAT GENIUS — ALL OF AMERICA IS LIKE 1930’s GERMANY NOW!!

For example, if you can take a moment away from your plight of suffering like Mandela, and oh the adversity you face (by your being ostracized by supporting a leader that was invented by an angry GOD for the sole reason of harming all of mankind), must just be overwhelming and I’m surprised no one has thought to hold candlelight vigils in sympathy of your stuggle to show solidarity.

But if you could ever comprehend, or possibly have explained to you via sock puppets, that 60–65% of us KNOW America itself is like Nazi Germany now, maybe you won’t feel so alone, you poor thing. So please take a moment from your busy schedule of reading straight to DVD movie scripts and pretending you’re playing the real-life role of Tony Montana and Rain-Man after they wandered into Jeff Goldblum’s Brundle-Fly DNA mixing machine from “the Fly” together, and pay a bit of attention.

Here’s how, and why MOST Americans feel like they woke up in Nazi Germany.

  • There are swastikas EVERYWHERE. Yup that’s right, the ascension of your adored leader, who much like you, likes to say completetly idiotic things in public, has led to a neo-nazi house painting party of America, intersperced with knocking over Jewish graves in angry response to not being the cause of their deaths. As a Jewish person I’m more offended as an AMERICAN by this. The reason is thus: from the time we learn to speak we quickly come to the realization that part of the Jewish experience is everyone wanting us dead. It’s expected. But as an AMERICAN, I think of those brave kids in 1944 storming the beaches of Normandy and watching their friends and themselves be riddled by bullets and spilling American blood on foreign soil so far from their home just to erase a symbol that is now haunting America…haunts me. And it would haunt you if you weren’t a complete fucking idiot.
  • We have an obviously unhinged leader who tells the population to ignore every negative thing written about him and to only listen to him directly, and delegitimizing the press, which is another thing our brave soldiers have died bleeding out defending until their last breath. Because the free press is there to PROTECT US FROM THE VERY WORST OF US. As they’re attempting to do now. When they report on things Trump says and does and tweets and utters maniacally in public. For the record reporting on things that happen in the realm of physical reality on this plane of existence that actually happened FACTUALLY is not equivalent to lies. Trump’s view of a free press as the “enemy of the people” eerily matches Hitler’s own.
  • We have a leadership that sells racism and fear and hate to allow them to do as they please. Yup 1930’s Germany.
  • As people WHO ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS travel, like the son of “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali can tell you, they are asked about their religion, except swapping “Are you a Jew?” with “Are you a Muslim?”. (This is due to the Trump administration’s thoery of “one thing at a time, we’ll get to them later…”)
  • There’s a German term for ALTERNATIVE FACTS that was used in Nazi Germany. “Propaganda mit etw machen”.
  • “MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN”. Is an original Hitler quote from 1934 (“People laughed at him, and thought he was of little importance. Those who laughed were wrong. He told people that he would make Germany “great” again. He blamed Jews, Socialists, Communists, and others for the troubles of the land. His blazing speeches gained followers for his “cause.” … SO Timmy -Enjoy this direct quote from Hitler: “Nationalism and Socialism had to be redefined and they had to be blended into one strong new idea to carry new strength which would make Germany great again.
  • Quick -Name two terrifying leaders who like to hold RALLIES even though they’re already in power… (Music for Jeopardy plays, ironically because we’re all in Jeopardy now)

So Timmy (I say this like “TIMMAYHHH” from South Park…) You’re not alone. Welcome to new America where in fact 60+% of us are now terrified because we’ve seen this movie before,… (mostly because you weren’t playing the lead in it or else it also would’ve also went straight to DVD)… and now feel like we’re in Nazi Germany, much like you feel like you’re in Nazi Germany because Hollywood doesn’t promote overt racism and fascism, which makes your plight ironic to where O’Henry actually rises from his grave and says “Really Tim?, Really? No Seriously Really?”

So Timmy “Scarface” Allen, the next time you find yourself on a late night talk show, (due in combination to a last second cancellation by an actual celebrity and Donny Most not being available to fill in…) and you’re promoting a project that 4 or less people will ever watch, (three of whom are critics with instruments preventing their eyes from closing like Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange), please know: that you’re a complete imbecile who would do best to just talk about whatever project the “Nazi” Hollywood elite had bestowed upon you in an act of kindness and charity despite your being box-office and ratings poison in anything that involves seeing your actual non-animated face,…

and PS -thanks again for ruining Toy Story for everyone with your idiotic and ridiculous views and satements.

Written by someone who’s never been to prison for selling cocaine, or starred in a sitcom that was funny exactly never and not once for a second, Steven W. Rouach

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c2017 SWRouach.

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