Trump Has Fun Day At NATO, Between Nap-time And Quiet Time, Nato Gives Trump Coloring Book To Keep Him Occupied As Adults Talk.

NATO Now Planning Trump-Daycare For Future Visits

NATO: Pretending Not To Know Him.

So, the other day, Donald Trump decided to visit NATO, whilst accompanied by those in charge of Trump’s adult supervision*.

(*many of whom are in regular contact with Sergey “Hot-Pants” Kislyak, whose chisled body, and alien/non-humanoid features, grace many erotic calendars featuring KGB agents. Below is a page from the “Sexy Boys From KGB Calendar”, 2017.

“Mr. June” Sergey Kislyak

Upon arriving at the NATO meeting, Trump immediately asked Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s Secretary General, for a menu, and then demanded preferential seating, until it was then patiently explained to Trump, that NATO wasn’t, in fact, actually a restaurant.

A curious Emmanuel Macron then approached Trump and asked, “Monsieur Trump, are you familiar what the letters in N.A.T.O. stand for?”, to which Trump replied Not A Trump Organization!”, and, after a moment of silence, Macron agreed with this assessment.

TRUMP Refuses to Participate.: VERY Upset He Was Given “Sippy Cup” As NATO Adults Have Fancy Drinking Glasses,

Trump then demanded to have everyone stare at him in wonderment as he gave an impromptu speech, which furthered America’s new MAKE THE REST OF THE WORLD LAUGH HYSTERICALLY AT US campaign he recently embarked on.

Although many of the NATO members there indeed spoke English , many at NATO still ponder what he said… as it did not seem to not be the incoherent ravings of a lunatic, which is much of why Trump’s core base approve of him so strongly.

Trump demanded that European countries no longer let in refugees, and that they “should be way nicer to Russia”. He blamed journalism from around the world, the foreign press and America’s media for “fake news” attacking Vladimir Putin. “You never hear about negative articles about Putin in Russia and he’s the leader there, because he’s a fantastic and terrifically great leader.”

To which Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel replied “Well, Herr Trump, that’s because he has all Russian journalists who are negative towards him murdered”, to which Trump replied, “Well that’s Europe’s fake news reporting that. How come Russia’s journalists don’t write ‘Putin just had me murdered’ in their articles if that’s what happened? It’s because it’s all fake, that’s why!”

After a short while, Trump exhausted from his trip, began to get “fussy” and belligerent, pushing other NATO members, and demanding to give a speech to the assembled members about his 2016 election win, for 112 minutes, while they cringed, and stared bewildered and exasperated at each other, before British Prime Minister Theresa May had the very clever idea to pull a fire alarm, which allowed them to evacuate the building.

When they returned, Trump was given a special table to sit at, some crayons, and a copy of the official NATO coloring book, to give the adults time to discuss actual matters of NATO while he was preoccupied.

“SHHH- We finally got him down and if he wakes up now he’ll be fussy all day!”

Written by Steven W. Rouach.

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c2017 SWRouach.

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