Trump’s Hair and Other Crappy Charades

Evidence from a World that Dismisses Evidence

It’s not that noticeable, right?

If you look at my profile picture here on Medium, or on Twitter or Facebook, you will see that I have long hair. When people ask me why, I tell them “because it makes old white guys uncomfortable.”

This is partially true, but one other reason is because I had long hair in high school and enjoyed it, and I realized that if I wanted to have long hair again in my lifetime, I needed to do it now, as chances are I would not be able to a few years from now.

Because I am losing my hair.

Looking at my family, I see that my father’s hairline receded when he was young, and though he still has some hair on top, he doesn’t have a lot. My father’s father was bald on top in his twenties. My mother’s brother had the bald spot in the back before he was in his 40’s, and my mother’s father had most of his hair when he died, but I believe he had a bald spot as well.

I haven’t noticed a thinning in the back yet, but I have certainly noticed that my forehead has gotten taller, and I have a lot more ventilation around my temples than I used to.

But don’t worry, I have a strategy for what to do if my hairline retreats much more or if I start to notice a breeze on the back of my head.

I will shave it all off.

Well, I will probably leave some there, but not much. And certainly not enough to try and do any kind of follicle gymnastics like some folks do. Granted, I am not yet to the point where I would have to contemplate a combover, but I would like to believe that I will not go to such herculean efforts to hide a natural part of aging.

Which brings me to Trump.

The media had a lot of fun with the video of him going up the stairs to Air Force Once recently, when a gust of wind revealed that he is essentially bald in the back all the way down to his neck, and that the hair there is actually borrowed from the sides of his head.

It is natural to wonder just who it is Trump thinks he is fooling.

But then let’s look at the patterns. Trump throws unsubstantiated claims around like they were candy from a parade float.

Maybe it is because he thinks we are stupid enough to believe something simply because it came from him. Maybe he thinks that by saying it he somehow makes it true. Maybe he believes his own nonsense.

Regardless, many of us see right through the poorly constructed charade, and cannot fathom how anyone else would buy it.

And no, I’m not just talking about his hair anymore. How many times has Trump denied saying something that they have him on video or audio saying? How many times has Trump told us something is “Fake News” despite ample substantiation of its truth? And when more evidence contradicts what he says, he just doubles down.

If Trump were some kind of Bond-villain-level evil mastermind, that would be one thing. But he’s not. His speech and writing are sloppy, as is his attire and his hairdo. He shows no consistency nor forethought. His actions often seem unpredictable but stick to a pattern consistent with someone who is egocentric, insecure, and not very intelligent.

And what is worse, there are tons of people willing to back him up on his nonsense. All of his nonsense. Trump says something that is demonstrably untrue, and his supporters in the White House, in the Legislature, in the Media, and everywhere else are prepared to throw logic and facts under the bus to show loyalty to the Toddler-in-Chief.

Trump indicated in his campaign that his status as an outsider would let him shake things up and make some real changes. Unfortunately, this promise was somewhat true.

He has shown just how much damage can be done to the integrity of our nation when someone with no moral compass, no strength of character, and no one’s interests but his own at heart is made President. He has shown what happens when the Executive Branch is staffed with opportunists with no experience or interest in doing the job they are supposed to be doing. He has shown how far a party is willing to go in order to maintain power in the Legislative and Executive Branches. He has shown how willing special interest groups are to sell themselves and everything they supposedly believe in out for power and influence. He has shown how low as a nation we are able to go.

He has shown just how much respect our past Presidents truly deserve for showing integrity, honor, and the ability to put the nation before themselves.

And beyond that, he has given every combover in the world a bad name.

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