Trump’s Historic Response to Russia’s Nuclear Threat.

Take THAT Putin!

Recently, Vladimir Putin (a former KGB agent, who later went on to invent Donald Trump’s presidency), showed an EXCITING video, about how his fancy new and FUN nuclear weapons, — which can’t be shot out in the sky, will soon blow up Florida, despite Floridians having an ample supply of machine guns.

So, obviously, that’s REALLY SPOOKY. (FUN FACT: Whenever Florida is completely annihilated by fire and radiation, it never leads to good things).

Historically, in times of great crisis, or when another country has a show-and-tell about murdering all of us, we looked to our own leaders to calm us, and give us resolve, and, through their inspiring words, give us… bravery, in the face of great danger. (Tee hee).

So, Donald Trump tweeted this poignant, and, thought provoking, message of hope:

  • “Alex Baldwin*, whose dieing** mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing me was agony. Alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!”

(*No relation to Alec Baldwin, a successful, and popular actor.)

Isn’t that something?

I’m going to now yell this for the hearing impaired:


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is weird. Give me a moment. 
Okay. Here I am now standing all the way on a limb. Look. I’m waving. 
Okay, I’m coming back off the limb now.

Let us also not forget — this happened in a week where Trump had been described as “UNGLUED” by inside sources. He really was. Isn’t that nice? Imagine we’re a few years back when things were normal, and WAY less racist and scary, and we get word (FROM INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE), that a sitting president, is “UNGLUED”. We’d say “well, THAT’S…bad”.

And HERE’S something FUN, — in his UNGLUED state, (which we now must assume is somehow… even goofier, and more unhinged than his regular state, although, I can’t even conceive how…), Trump started A TRADE WAR.

So, usually, when a leader decides to impose a massive shift to the global economy that could destabilize the entire world, and have massive repercussions, that could lead us into great peril, that leader would speak to:
*People familiar with “Foreign Policy”.
*People familiar with the ins and outs of TRADE WARS.

Trump did not do ANY of this. He simply heard the words “Trade Wars”, possibly on FOX News (Voted: America’s #1 Source for Sexual Harassment and Misconduct), and decided to start one. BECAUSE HE WAS “FUSSY”!

Isn’t that something?

Here’s the visual to exactly what’s going on at the Mattis/Kelly White House Adult Daycare Center:

Pictured: Exactly this. Every day.

So, to recap.

  • Vladimir Putin, the same guy who broke America, and subverted our electoral process, just threatened to murder us all.
  • Trump, who continues to deny Russia interfered in our election, despite the fact that Russia interfered with our election, and refuses to sanction Russia, (in hopes they’ll do it again in 2018 & 2020) — responded by tweeting about SNL,
  • and then, Trump, upset about Hope Hicks no longer being a 2nd surrogate daughter / wife, starts a TRADE WAR, with every other country on Earth.

Here’s Alex Baldwin’s response.

And here’s Alec Baldwin’s response, and Alex Baldwin’s response to Alec Baldwin.

I’m now hoping you two gentlemen will save me a seat at the bar, so I can join you in a drink celebrating this, if, in fact, we all live long enough for this to happen.

Written by Steven W. Rouach

©2018 SWRouach

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