In Trump’s America Supreme Court rules LGBT discrimination A-OK!

Let them NOT eat cake…

Love is love.

Six years before I was born, black people couldn’t eat in many restaurants, or drink from many water fountains. There were PUBLIC LIBRARIES that were whites only. Then, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, declared that one group of people, cannot act like horrifying total monsters toward another group of people.

Here we are in 2018. Over half a decade later. The Supreme Court (named after Diana Ross’ former band, “The Supremes”), has now decided that gay people can be denied service, or patronage.

Isn’t that something?

Jack Phillips (no relation to the screwdriver of the same name), the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado, refused service to a gay couple who foolishly decided to go to a bakery to purchase a cake for their wedding.

Please know that Jack Phillips, is a religious man, in that he and his family pray hourly, in a deeply spiritual way, that the board of health never visits their shop.

Now, due to legalities, I’m not positive that the cakes from Masterpiece Cake Shop contain more fly larvae than Geena Davis in the Fly Part II right before she gave birth to Brundlefly’s maggot. I just have no proof to the contrary. Nor am I saying: I’m positive that their cakes are made from the finest mouse droppings, or that their confections and desserts contain a heady mix of botulism, chlamydia, and fecal spray. Also, I haven’t seen, with my own eyes, cockroaches vomiting outside of Masterpiece Cake Shop, I’ve only just overheard other cockroaches warning their friends about it. They say things like: “Don’t eat their cakes! Merv has been sick for weeks and one of his legs fell off!”, and “Sheila miscarried 1,200 babies after eating there!”

I’ll even go so far as to say: that I have no proof that Mrs. Phillips shaves the callouses off of her feet, and then dumps the dead skin into every batch of dough, or that the water they use to bake with, is actually their used bathwater.

We just don’t KNOW.

What we DO know, is that Jack Phillips, denied service to Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig, who wanted to purchase a cake for their wedding. Phillips was vexed that the couple wanted to marry each other, instead of just pretending NOT to be gay, so that they can marry two straight women and ruin their lives. He cited religious reasons, such as Jesus’ teachings that we should be horrible and abhorrent towards each other.*

*(Whereas Roy Moore supporters claim: Jesus is totally fine with people who prey on children, and Republicans claim: Jesus despised the poor and favored the rich, and that his “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!” speech was just a clever ruse, so that he can stop healing the sick and poor and help the plight of billionaires. This is why in 2016, Jesus fired his former publicists and hired Hollywood heavy hitters, Slate P.R. to represent him, in order to provide a respite from all the people MISREPRESENTING him).

Now, I’m a heterosexual man, but I’m also a HUMAN BEING, and on any and every level: This. Is. HORRIBLE.

It opens doors that should have been sealed, barred, welded, cemented over, and destroyed by dynamite. Restaurant owners can now deny service to gay couples. A gas station owner can refuse to sell them gas for their car. — Can a doctor refuse to treat a LGBT person in a life or death situation? Maybe yes. Those kinds of doors.

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, ruled that LGBT people, who are all (FUN FACT:) ACTUAL human beings, that live amongst us, now absolutely do not have the same rights the rest of us do (Justice Neil Gorsuch, I’m looking right at you, right now.)

The Supreme Court was SUPPOSED to be America’s CONSCIENCE. It was SUPPOSED to be where JUSTICE and FAIRNESS was metered out.

America, was once, if for only a brief moment in time, a place that strived to be, what it was ENVISIONED to be. A place where all people, ARE people. Where we all have the same rights, and protections against injustice. Where we aren’t persecuted for our religious beliefs, skin color, eye color, belly button shape, or even the choice to have a mullet for a hairstyle. And, of course, the freedom to be a person who is born with the sexual orientation that they were born with, without punishment.

We were never completely that, but the concept of us was… a thing of greatness and beauty, even if we seldom lived up to it.

Now, we’re allowing denial of services to one in ten amongst us. Ironically, the same week Australia made same-sex marriage legal. I’ve mentioned in a previous article, that until 1967, it was ILLEGAL to be a homosexual in England. Alan Turing, after famously breaking the Nazi Enigma code, and then helping to invent the computer, was thanked for all his amazing efforts by the English government, who chemically castrated him, due to his being found guilty, in a court of law, of homosexuality. He committed suicide not long after.

Turing was a relatively young man when he died, so after helping win World War 2, and laying the groundwork for the very device I’m currently typing this story on, — who KNOWS what else he would have come up with to benefit all of society, across the entire WORLD. Instead, due to his desire not to be desperately lonely, and seek things like comfort, and love, from another consenting adult, he was neutered by his own government, causing him to end his own life, at the ripe old age of 42.

So, here in America (land of the free, who are no longer free), in Indiana, under Mike Pence, gay couples faced 18 months in prison and $10,000 fine for applying to get married. For clarity: Just applying to be married put you in jail under Mike Pence… We now have this man as Vice President, a man who Trump once joked — (that Pence) wants “to hang all gay people”.

This brings us, cleverly segueing to Trump.

A maniacal idiot, holding a flag that was hastily drawn on with a magic marker by one of his aides.

Racism and anti-LGBT go hand in hand. Hatred breeds hatred. Trump’s plan to “end all things”, started with calling Mexicans “rapists”. He then went on to harass Muslim Americans, PRAISED NAZIS and white supremacists, and publicly gave his support to Roy Moore, a guy whose picture is in every junior high school in Alabama, but with a red circle with a red diagonal line through it, right under the “no smoking” signs.

We now have an America: where Muslim women are afraid to walk with their children in strollers, where swastikas adorn every flat surface, the country’s highest office effectively blaming all of America’s problems on America’s minorities, to distract from the fact that Trump and the GOP had an Oceans 11 styled heist of the US economy to gift to themselves, billionaires, and of course, Trump. (Since 70% of us are completely against the “GOP Bwa Ha Ha Tax Plan”, and 99% of us SHOULD BE, this is the truest form of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, since the 1700's).

Trump KNEW that spreading his brand of hate would cost American lives, and cause a massive rise in hate crimes across (what used to be) our country. The blood of the victims of this are on Trump’s twisted, ferret-like hands. It was part of the cost of fulfilling Republican’s dreams of getting Justice Neil Gorsuch into the Supreme Court, and here’s the result.

So, if you’re LGBT, I’m sorry our country failed you, at a time when it was at it’s absolute worst. We’re truly better than this.

Written by Steven W. Rouach

©2017 SWRouach

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