What The Fuck, Obama?

Fracking lowers green house gases? What the fuck, Obama?

Excuse my language. But come on, what the fuck, Obama?

How can you sit up on a stage with Leonardo DiCaprio to talk about the threat of climate change, and tell America that fracking will lower green house gas emissions and we need it as a bridge to get to 100% renewable energy?

We all know fracking isn’t a bridge- it’s the worst fuel we can develop if we want to stop climate change.

Fracking is ensuring that your daughters and grandkids will be stuck on the sinking Titanic, as your generations gets to peace on out towards that heaven where Leo’s waiting for you at the staircase.

Or maybe that’s the wrong metaphor to use these days now that climate change is melting all the ice, allowing for the first luxury cruise ship to navigate the Arctic. Now all the elites on board can actually watch the ice melting before their very eyes!

You said, “There are a lot of environmentalists who absolutely object to fracking because their attitude is sometimes it’s done really sloppy and releases methane, which is even worse a green house gas than carbon dioxide.”

Well you got the second half right. Methane is more potent a green house gas. But I think what you meant to say was there are a lot of citizens who absolutely object to fracking because science says there’s no way to make fracking safe for the climate.

Methane doesn’t just leak sometimes when fracking is “done sloppy”. Methane leaks are systemic, rampant and unfixable, throughout the entire fracking process from extraction to delivery. And methane is leaking at such a high rate that green house gas emissions have most likely gone up under your administration.

You went on to say that, “It leaks into people’s water supplies and aquifers and when done improperly can really harm a lot of people. And their attitude is we need to leave it in the ground.”

Once again I’d like to do a little mic check here and say that it’s not our ‘attitude’ that says we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground, it’s SCIENCE!

The same science you criticize Republicans for denying also says that fracked gas is a climate disaster that will lock us into runaway global warming.

Fracking is bad for the climate and it’s bad for communities. The list of people harmed by fracking in states like Pennsylvania is long. So what the fuck, Obama?

Why are you so hell bent on clinging to a fossil fuel bridge that will destroy the future of the generation that elected you? Why do you continue to put fossil fuel profits over the health and safety of American citizens?

I know you value compromise, but the science on climate change doesn’t compromise and real climate leaders don’t frack.