Why Delegitimizing Trump is a Bad Idea

Ruining our electoral system to oust a joker, is not worth the cost to our stability.

The left is struggling to juggle all of it’s last ditch efforts to prevent Trump from assuming office, and if they succeed the bedrock of our electoral system will be blown to pieces. The crosshairs of much of liberal ire these days has a bead on the Electoral College’s sixth chakra.

The electoral college, according to the uninformed left on social media, is some obscure law hidden in the bowels of our constitution designed to rear it’s head just when we’ve least expected it in order to crush our political dreams and notions of fairness.

When pressed on why it’s such a deleterious establishment, the in-crowd answer is that it was created as a racist institution designed to empower the rural farmer. This like much of our puerile discourse these days is casually flung into the air as a Fact-undebatable-undeniable-unimpeachable.

Far from fact, it’s just another piece of partisan putty molded to suit whatever situation is at hand. Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont clearly all benefit from a similarly “bigoted” constitutional construction — if we follow the logical path of the those lobbing the ubiquitous “racist” claim at the innocent Electoral College. The fact that microscopic Rhode Island can boss the rest of the country around with it’s two Democratic Senators though, is not one I have heard tossed around by the Left.

No surprise there, partisan sunglasses with their heavy prescription make it tough to see through the fog of war. Those calling for the delegitimization of this election (Trump is guilty himself of this) can not see far enough to the next election where this might come back to bite them.

So blinded are they by their current political objective, they can’t see the obvious, immediate, and terrifying effects this would have on our system: namely, in delegitimizing our elections in general “The will of the voter is being ignored!” cry the densely packed coastal liberals, “ignore the Trump voters, Electors, vote your conscience!” Sorry, but I don’t support the disenfranchising of millions of voters just because you don’t happen to agree with their choice. Although, if you are in the DNC leadership, you may be ok with this sort of sabotage in primary season.

Of the 12 states having 2 or less Congressional Representatives, because of their small populations, 6 went Red and 6 went Blue in 2012, the results were more or less the same in 2016 with Maine giving one of four Electors to Trump. The Democrats took nine out of the twelve most populous states (read: most electors) in 2012, but only managed five out of twelve this time around. It was there that the lost the election, not in the tiny (but apparently overly powerful) unpopulated States, but in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan — all in the top 9 population-wise, who carry between them 85 electoral votes. The bottom 20 carry a mere 83. California and New York combined bring 84 solid blue votes to electoral table.

Perhaps, the College though, could do with some revision, but to do so in the wake of an election would be a nightmare of big-league proportions.


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